Your First Funnel Review: 1,000 LEADS in 30 Days? Scam?

Are you looking for an in-depth Your First Funnel Review by Russell Brunson? What is Your First Funnel? Is it Worth Buying Your First Funnel?

I have been researching for 1 week and In this post, I will share with you my experience with this program, including:

  • What is Your First Funnel?
  • What will you learn in 14 days?
  • What FREE Bonuses are you going to get?
  • The difference between Your First Funnel and One Funnel Away Challenge.
  • Who should and shouldn’t participate in the program?
  • How to access the entire course ABSOLUTELY FREE

All your questions about the training course will be answered in this post

Now, let’s get started!


Your First Funnel Review – Overview


Creator: Russell Brunson
Product: 30-Day Virtual Training “Your First Funnel”
Price: FREE + $29.95 for Shipping
Official Website
FREE Gift #1: Book (Physical Copy)
FREE Gift #2: Funnel Hacker Cookbook (Physical Copy)
FREE Gift #3: Plug ‘N’ Play Sales Funnel Templates
FREE Gift #4: Headline Generator Software
FREE Gift #5: List Building Secrets Training
FREE Gift #6: Tony Robbins “Private Collection”
FREE Gift #7: Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” Training Seminar
FREE Gift #8: Funnel Hacker T-Shirt

This includes over $8,745 worth of “marketing secrets” that will help “kick-start” your first funnel for the highest chances of success!


You can check Your First Funnel (and all included FREE gifts) by clicking the button below.


Why do I choose To Review The Your First Funnel Program?

I’ve been a huge fan of Russell Brunson since reading his Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. I know building a sales funnel to make my online business easier.

Initially, I purchased almost all of his courses and one of them that changed my business life was the One funnel Away Challenge.

You can read my One Funnel Away Challenge Review here

  • I started building a sales funnel with Clickfunnels Software.
  • I have read a lot of books and watched all the videos on Youtube.
  • I feel like I have a clear understanding of what is involved.

But unlike I thought, I started having problems. I’m not sure how to create my own sales funnel. I tried to follow the instructions, but it didn’t work for me.

I reached out to Russell Brunson looking for some great advice.

When I heard that he released a new coaching program called “Your First Funnel”, I wondered if it was similar to “One Funnel Away”.

Is this a new training or part of the One Funnel Away Challenge?

So I bought his course!

I decided to buy it for two reasons:

I wanted to learn new things from Russell, as he was always updating and providing me with values ​​and guidance on what to do, his understanding surprised me.

Write in-depth reviews (with my real experience) and earn from Clickfunnels. affiliate program. Is it clear?

You can see I made my first $100k commission with Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing


So if you think my article is useful, please buy through this link to help us.

About Your First Funnel


If you are new to funnel building, this course is quite suitable for you. It’s designed to get you STARTED and keep you motivated, this is often the hardest part of an online business, isn’t it?

The course is designed in such a way that anyone can get it right. No matter what kind of funnel knowledge you have, you will know almost everything you need while running a sales funnel campaign.

You don’t have to be an expert in this particular field. As this is a face-to-face course, we don’t think there will be any topics or segments that could create trouble in your learning process. Besides, the important fact about the course is that you will get a free 30-day trial.

We strongly recommend using the 30-day free trial so you can see how things work in this course.

What if you want 1,000 qualified leads in the next 30 days? then “Your First Funnel” is not to be missed.

When you sign up, Russell will send you an AWESOME swag box with super cool marketing gifts!

  • Marketing books…
  • A super-soft t-shirt…
  • A Quickstart guide, etc…

You will also receive many gifts. They can be like free funnel templates, funnel hackers cookbook, and stuff.

However, you will get elements like this while progressing throughout the course. This is the kind of programmed trainer that you are sure to love buying.

Who Created Your First Funnel Programmed?

I’m always finding out who’s behind the courses I’m taking. His success in the field is what attracts me. Well, the course on Your First Funnel was created by Russel Brunson. Therefore, if you don’t know him, he is a master of sales funnels and online courses.

Russell Brunson is the CEO & Co-Founder of a software company called Clickfunnels (or its parent company, Etison LLC). You may also enjoy reading his books. All of this means you’ll get a top course in sales to grow your business. He has done the course in a practical way that will give you a lot of ideas.

Russell Brunson is the author of 3 best-selling books, including:

There are also 2 books: Network Marketing Secrets: Best MLM Book & Unlock The Secrets.

He’s also the highest-paid speaker who hit $3 million in sales at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference within 90 minutes of his presentation.

Watch a free replay of the presentation here:

As of 2022, Russell Brunson’s total Net Worth exceeds $40 million.

What You Will Learn In Your First Funnel Training?

When you complete your order, they will provide a link to access the member’s area and Facebook group (all 14-day training videos are uploaded here).


If you miss the link to the Facebook group, you can get it back from the Your First Funnel members area or email box.


Inside the group, here’s everything you’ll learn in 14 days

1. The Russell’s Video Training


In the group, you’ll be able to understand how a lead funnel is constructed from beginning to end.

The first is Russell’s training video.

After watching the video, you should perform your homework in the Onepager app by completing all of the tasks before moving on to the next lesson.


The best part is that, even if you missed it the first time, you can view the video again.

Through their “Guide” button on Facebook, I’ll find it simple to remember all the lessons I’ve learned from this group!


Russell Brunson is an outstanding educator. For those of us who don’t have much expertise with sales funnels, which is the majority of us, he made things simple and straightforward.

The video’s substance was far above my expectations and was quite valuable.

I am, however, a little let down because this isn’t really brand-new live training. Since the video is actually an excerpt from the 5 Days Lead Challenge, which means you can get all of the training right here for free without paying for the shipping cost.

The material behind distinguishes the 5-Day Lead Challenge from Your First Funnel. This explains why most consumers are still willing to purchase items, even if they are outdated movies.

One of them is the implementation coaching calls and consultants hangout

2. The Implementation Coaching Calls

Most of you have taken many online courses in the past, and a big reason people haven’t been successful is that they don’t know how to implement what they learn into their businesses. Or worse, it all scams your money and time.


  • Russell’s training video is amazing and refreshing
  • Perfect presentation
  • Gives you homework to help you know exactly what to do.

However, putting theory into practice is never easy. So this is why Clickfunnels hires experts here to help.


The day after Russell’s training, you’ll meet Morag Brand. Before joining Clickfunnels, she worked with Ziglar, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Kevin Harrington, and many others.

Morag will help you complete your homework from start to finish. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section.

3. Consultants Hangout

What if you missed Morag Brand live presentation? Don’t worry; Clickfunnels doesn’t want anyone left behind.


It’s possible to watch the video re-recorded of Morag in the “Guide” tab and ask the questions you have regarding the homework assignments during the week on the Consultants Hangout thread.

That’s so cool!

Who Is Your First Funnel Program for?

This course is for everyone. The course will also suit you if you don’t have enough ideas and help you stay motivated in your online business. We know many marketers who are relatively new in this area but do much better when they go through the LIVE Coaching Program.

The “Your First Funnel” LIVE Coaching will help you collect AT LEAST 1,000 highly-qualified leads (that become RAVING FANS)… in less than 30 days!

Who Shouldn’t Join This Program?

Of course, not everyone will benefit from the program. I want you to carefully study the sales page as your first action.

  • If you believe the bonus is incomprehensible to you
  • Expert assistance from Clickfunnels is not necessary for you.
  • You already possess the actual book.
  • and do not intend to create a sales funnel using Clickfunnels

Then I strongly advise against enrolling in the “Your First Funnel” coaching.

The 5-Day Lead Challenge, where you receive the same Russell training videos without having to spend anything, is the better alternative.

Your First Funnel Price

The Your First Funnel Coaching is actually free, you just pay a small shipping cost ($29.95 in the US or 69.95 International) for “Welcome Box” including:

Individual prices are higher if you buy them separately (and of course, there’s no way to get another gift he’s giving away too).

So, I guarantee this is a great deal for you!

Your First Funnel Bonuses

If you recall there is tons of bonuses for Your First Funnel, right?

Let’s go thru it one by one…

  • #1. ClickFunnels 30-Days Free Trial

That’s right, you didn’t get it wrong. Instead of, 14-day FREE Trial ClickFunnels, they will give you FULL 30-Days Free Trial… 4 weeks whole 1 month… (huge 730 hours…) of ClickFunnels.

You will receive a separate e-mail to create your ClickFunnels account.

You can play around and get familiar with the ClickFunnels dashboard.



  • #2. FREE 14-Day Live Coaching

In these 14 days of free training, the funnel builders from the ClickFunnels team will help you build and launch your first lead funnel.

You’ll receive a daily action plan, high-level strategy, and step-by-step instructions so you can get up and running and start collecting up to 1,000 leads in 30 days.


Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a link to a special Facebook group where Your First Funnel’s 14-day live training will take place.

Your roadmap for this coaching program will look like this:

In week one, They’ll show you…

  • How to easily create your FIRST “lead magnet”
  • How to identify your target audience and begin to build a profit-generating list
  • How to build and launch a HIGH-CONVERTING email capture funnel

Note: Make sure you join the Live coaching after Day 1 Training (2 Hours).

In week two, They’ll show you…

  • How to write and set up the SIX CRITICAL (and super simple) auto-responder emails that will help establish trust, make a connection, and build a relationship with your leads…
  • How to collect MORE leads without paid ads!
  • Revealing the strategies you can use to start building your huge list of dream clients without spending ONE HOUR on paid advertising!
  • BONUS Training! Russell will dive in and show you the next steps, including when to send an email… what to say in each email (without the “sales-y” sound)…
  • How to survey your lists and find out what they WANT… and what offers to sell to your list, even if you don’t have a product or service as yet!

Who are the coaches for Your First Funnel?

All the great coaches from One Funnel Away Challenge will be here!

Shane Larson, Dante, Lee, Eli, and Morag!

  • #3. Book (Physical Copy)


The 30 Days book is a fantastic resource if you’re trying to launch an online business.

It provides detailed directions on what you must do each day, and it walks you through a step-by-step strategy from Day 1 to Day 30.

Russell Brunson, the author of the book, polled more than 100 recipients of the Two Comma Club Award to find out what they would do if they suddenly lost everything.

You can see from this what makes for profitable web enterprises.

Inside The 30 Days Book, You’ll Discover:

  • 30 chapters with 30 actionable, practical plans
  • How to collect up to 30,000 leads for FREE
  • ​How to build and launch a “t-shirt funnel” with only two pages
  • Doing a high-ticket coaching offer and not sure what to sell? Then you’ll love pages 28 thru 30
  • How to build an eCommerce business from scratch using Instagram “micro-influencers”
  • Her strategies work, even if you’ve never sold a cent online, and even if you have zero clue on how to attract “micro-influencers.”
  • How to create an irresistible free offer
  • How to turn e-books into gold
  • How to build a thriving coaching business

As an extra “supplemental bonus” with the book, you’ll also receive “Behind The Scenes” Video Recordings from each of our 2-Comma Club Winners where they will walk you through, step-by-step, exactly what they did to build, design, and launch their award-winning funnel!

It’s like making a recipe, but instead of just reading the directions in a book, you get to pause, play, and follow each step WHILE it’s happening— making it a simple, seamless process to building your first funnel!

  • #4. Free Funnel Hacker Cookbook (Physical Copy)

Question: Have you ever tried to make a hearty dinner from scratch without following a recipe?

I’m sure it’s possible, but the result… is… most likely gross, and not to mention you could end up using too many unnecessary dishes and condiments.

That’s how it happens with the BEST online business models you see today.

People will build these sites that may “look” attractive… but once they send traffic to the page, they won’t get any sales and they wonder what the heck happened.

Funnel Hacker Cookbook is a collection of recipes from some of the top funnel builders (Russell Brunson) in the world.

In The ‘Funnel Hacker Cookbook,’

  • The step-by-step ingredients (aka “sales page elements”) that every funnel needs to help boost conversions
  • ​22 of WINNING sales funnel recipes you can model for your own offer
  • ​The #1 “ingredient” that can make or break ANY sales funnel
  • The 37 key sales funnel pages
  • ​And TONS more, including visual layouts of each of the 22 proven funnels

​Bonus: you’ll receive ALL THREE Funnel Hacker Cookbook recordings (where Russell is dressed up like a chef)…and he shows you how to “prep & cook” WINNING funnels to perfection…

You can read Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review: Is it Worth It in 2023?

  • #5. Free Plug ‘N’ Play Sales Funnel Templates


It Including: 102+ Insane Done-For-You, Ready-To-Go Funnels,

All the pages inside these funnels have been professionally created and designed for you by our in-house design team!

That means, you get the QUALITY of our world-class team of professional designers (some of the BEST designers in our industry!), without having to:

  • Pay up to THOUSANDS of dollars per funnel, or
  • ​Wait weeks or months for a funnel to be finished!

The moment you start your free trial to ClickFunnels, you’ll have instant access to an entire LIBRARY of funnels that are already done, and waiting for you to choose from!

All YOU need to do is install your own copy and branding.

In fact, you can choose from pre-designed funnels to help you:

  • Generate Streams Of LEADS
  • ​Turn Visitors Into BUYERS
  • Sell Your Book
  • ​Run A Webinar
  • Launch A Product
  • ​Sell A High-Ticket Product Or Service

​and Much More!

  • #6. Free Headline Generator Software

This is the “done-for-you” system where you LITERALLY plugin basic things like your audience demographic… their pains and desires… press a button and BAM!

In seconds, our Headline Generator Software will pop out a LIST of winning, hot ‘n’ ready headlines you can then copy and paste right into your funnel without having to stress for one second what you should say

Normally, paying a high-end copywriter just to give you a small handful of headlines to test could cost THOUSANDS of dollars…

But why bother paying a copywriter and wait forever… when you can do it yourself in seconds…and for FREE!

Here are some of the scripts you can use:

  • Product Specific Avatar
  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Core Title Scripts
  • Content Idea Scripts
  • Conversation Starter Script
  • Conversion Ad Copy Script
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Niche and Offer Detective Wizard


Note: You can read Funnel Scripts Review – Things You Don’t Know

  • #7. Free “List Building Secrets Training”


If You want to build a HUGE list of your dream customers? You’ll love this training.

In ‘List Building Secrets’ Training, You’ll Learn:

  • “Wrong Method” SPAM story that actually WORKED
  • What you should be doing EVERY DAY at 4 PM if you have even just 1 person on your list.
  • ​The BIGGEST mistake you could be making right now, especially if you already have a customer list.
  • The secret to creating an IRRESISTIBLE “lead magnet” that attracts your DREAM CUSTOMERS
  • ​The golden lead magnet “frameworks” you can model for your own offer and start generating leads in no time!
  • How to “revive” a list of subscribers you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  • And TONS more like how to develop KILLER HOOKS that “reel in” your dream customers…

(If you’re done reading and want to sign up right now, then go ahead and hit that button below, and let’s get started today!)


  • #8. Tony Robbins “Private Collection”


When you start your 30-Day Free Trial of ClickFunnels, you’ll be getting instant access to the full Tony Robbins “Private Collection” of training!

(That’s 7 training courses and 43 episodes of sheer transformational value!)

So… What Exactly Is Inside Tony’s Private Collection?

  • Training #1: Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking LIVE
  • Training #2: CAREER: Find Your True Grit
  • Training #3: Energy For Life
  • Training #4: Love And Passion
  • Training #5: The Edge
  • Training #6: Time Of Your Life
  • Training #7: True Wealth

In this training, Tony will show you the secrets to creating TRUE wealth…

It includes all the training you need to help rewire your brain, so you can be successful in your business, and your life!

  • #9. Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” Training Seminar


This is one of Dan Kennedy’s finest training sessions where attendees paid $4,997 just to be in the room!

Right now on their website, this recording is currently being sold for $997 (a no-brainer deal once you witness the first 10 minutes of this seminar training), but today, and as a limited-time bonus, it can be all yours… for FREE!

What’s Inside Dan Kennedy’s Herd Building Training:

  • How to leverage the #1 value factor to help strengthen your “herd” (aka “your list”) TODAY
  • ​The Dan Kennedy secrets to building a “personality-driven” business where your herd LOVES everything you put out…
  • Ryan Deiss’ 3 GOLDEN methods on how to build a MASSIVE, highly responsive email list FAST
  • 7 MUST-HAVES if you want to run “Google-friendly” squeeze pages.

Imagine… just one single golden nugget from this seminar has the potential to transform your online business overnight— and you get it all for FREE!

  •  #10.Exclusive ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker T-Shirt

When you join Your First Funnel, you will receive a free “Funnel Hacker” t-shirt.

Did I mention you get a FREE t-shirt when you sign up today?! I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love a new t-shirt?

Just take a look at it.

It’s soft, it’s sexy as can be… and when you wear it, you’ll be joining the THOUSANDS of crazy awesome entrepreneurs who have the potential of changing the world and improving the lives of others.


Is Your First Funnel Training Scam?

No, the “Your First Funnel” coaching program is not a scam.

You know that Russell Brunson is the Co-Founder of Clickfunnels, right?

Did you know Russell Brunson’s net worth in 2022 has reached 40 million dollars?

Read my Clickfunnels review to learn more about it and try it for free for 14 days

He wants to do everything in his power to make sure you not only become a die-hard ClickFunnels fan but also help you succeed with your sales funnel (in this case, collecting at LEAST 1,000 qualified leads in 30 days).

Once you are successful with the sales funnel, you can use his software in your business and elevate your business.


I hope you enjoyed Your First Funnel Review by Russell Brunson. In short, this is great sales funnel training for entrepreneurs who are just getting started with funnels and want to generate more leads online.

There are a ton of free resources available from Your First Funnel to help you learn about sales funnels, how to create them, and how to incorporate them into your company plan.

Of course, the major goal of this initiative is to persuade you to use the ClickFunnels software.

The objective is to successfully master it and make the most of it, not to utilize its tool in the first place.

Additionally, even if you decide that ClickFunnels is not what you require or won’t be of any use to you, you will still be successful after completing this program.

Because you’ll learn a lot of new sales tactics and become more advanced in this area.

Remind you once again what this program has to offer (and I think it is totally worth every minute of you).


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