[In-depth] Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Is It Worth It? 

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Ever notice that some affiliates make 10 or 20 times more sales than everyone else in the niche?

They win every affiliate contest. One email blast puts more money in their pocket than some people make all month. Vendors everywhere are begging these affiliates to promote their products.

So what separates these super affiliates from everyone else?

Check out these three factors (the last one may surprise you)…

  • #1: Super Affiliates Build Relationships

Super affiliates don’t just build big lists, popular blogs, and huge social media networks. They also work every day to build relationships with these folks.

They engage their audience. They ask questions. And they share information to help establish themselves as authorities in the niche.

  • #2: Super Affiliates Add Value

In other words, super-affiliates offer their customers incentives to purchase products through their affiliate links. These might be bonus reports, software, videos, access to membership sites, and more.

Most affiliates don’t add value. The few that do tend to offer the same tired bonus no matter what they’re selling. The top affiliates ALWAYS add value. And more often than not, they create fresh bonuses for every major promotion.

End result? They’re boosting conversions and winning every affiliate contest!

  • #3: Super Affiliates Don’t Guess About What Works

Ever notice the super affiliates seem to have a really effective system? Seems like every piece of their sales machine is polished and optimized.

Guess what? It IS. It is polished and optimized.

That’s because super affiliates don’t pull out a crystal ball and try to guess what works. Instead, they track, test, and tweak everything. This includes testing:

  • Bridge pages
  • Product reviews
  • Lead pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Calls to action
  • Bonus offers

Any of these factors can have a huge impact on conversion rates.

For example, you take two affiliates who are equal in every way. They have the same amount of respect in the niche. They’ve established themselves as experts. They’ve got the same quality of traffic, lists, and social networks.

But here’s what happens…

One affiliate outperforms the other EVERY time.

Why? Because the affiliate who’s wiping up the competition has figured out WHICH bonus offer doubles conversion rates.

This affiliate has figured out how to write product reviews that get clicks. This super affiliate has figured out how to craft calls to action that get results.

This super affiliate isn’t magic. He’s not psychic. Instead, he tests tracks, and tweaks everything using Split Test Monkey.

Split Test Monkey is a simple web-based app that makes it easy for you to set up split tests with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It even integrates with bonus-delivery tools like Commission Gorilla, so you can quickly figure out if your bonuses are bringing in more sales.

If you want to join the ranks of the net’s top super affiliates, then you need to start doing what they’re doing. And that means you need to start using Split Test Monkey too.

Are you excited about this Amazing Software? Then keep reading my Split Test Monkey V3 Review to get more information!


Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Overview


Creator  IM Wealth Builders
Product  Split Test Monkey V3
Launch Date  2022-Jul-05
Launch Time  11:00 EST
Official website CLICK HERE
Front-End Price  $47
Refund  30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Bonuses  Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill  All Levels
Niche  Software
Support  Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend  Highly recommend!

What Is Split Test Monkey V3?


Split Test Monkey V3 is a tool that helps you split test different versions of your website to see which one performs better. It’s a simple way to improve your conversion rate and get more leads.

The first thing you need to do is create two versions of your website. Split Test Monkey V3 will then show each version to a different group of visitors and track the results.

You’ll be able to see which version gets more conversions, and you can make the necessary changes to improve your website. Split Test Monkey is a valuable tool that can help you increase your conversion rate and get more leads.

You’ve got an awesome lead magnet.

You’ve got a decent flow of targeted traffic checking out your lead page.

But you’re not hitting your goals. Growth is slow. You really expected to have a bigger list by now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The good news is there is an easy fix. And you don’t need to get more traffic. You don’t need to spend more money on advertising.

All you have to do is boost the conversion rate on your lead page.

Think about the huge benefits of boosting your conversion rates…

Even if your traffic levels don’t change, your list will grow faster than ever. You might be able to double the rate that people sign up to your list. You could triple or even quadruple your conversion rates. Maybe you can even do five, six, or seven times better than your current conversion rates!

It’s totally possible. A poor-performing lead page with a 3% conversion rate can easily jump to 20%. And when YOUR numbers jump, so will your list size and income.

Now maybe you’ve heard about testing, but you’ve never really done it because it sounds like a hassle. Or maybe you’ve tried it, but you gave up. Too much geeky number crunching. Maybe you weren’t even sure how to interpret the results.

I totally hear you on that. I used to think the same way.

And to make it even worse, so many of the testing tools come with big learning curves. You have to be a total tech geek to even get them working right.

Still, others require a Ph.D. in statistics before you can use them. I mean really – what’s the point of using a tool if it doesn’t actually make your life any easier?

And that’s where Split Test Monkey V3 comes in…

Split Test Monkey is a web-based app, so there is nothing to install. Nothing to customize. And no coding is needed.

Better yet, Split Test Monkey is a statistical whiz. You don’t need a background in statistics to use it, because the tool does all the number crunching for you. Just set up a test, choose the auto-optimizer, and Split Test Monkey does almost everything except pouring you a drink!

In just moments and with a few clicks of your mouse you can set it up split tests that are sure to boost your conversion rates. You can test:

– Your offer

– Your lead magnet

– Your overall lead page design

– A video versus text sales letter

– Your headline

– Your call to action

And more!

Even better, Split Test Monkey saves you a lot of time with its Dynamic A/B Testing feature.

Instead of you having to create two different versions of your sales letter, all you have to do is upload your HTML snippets.

The app then rotates your variation dynamically and directly with your lead page.

For example…

If you want to test your lead-page headlines, then all you have to do is upload your two different HTML headline snippets.

Then set your test to run, and Split Test Monkey will start randomly showing the different versions of your headline to your visitors.

It’s easy – definitely easier than most every tool on the market!

You DON’T need to create two different HTML pages. (What a time saver!)

You DON’T have to worry or wonder if the different links are impacting conversions. (Be confident about your results!)

And you DON’T have to struggle to get a script installed and working for you. (It’s so easy even a complete technophobe can use this web-based app!)

Whether you’re a complete list-building vendor, or you’re a pro looking for an edge, you’ll want to check out this tool right now at www.splittestmonkey.com.

I think you’re going to love it as much as I do!


Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Features

Here’s What You Get When You Create Your Account Today:

  • Unlimited Split Tests

No limit to the number of experiments you can create, or the number of domains you can run them on.

  • Unlimited Visitors

Unlike other services that want to ‘nickel & dime’ you, we’ll never cap the number of visitors/clicks you get.

  • ZERO Monthly Fees

We’re offering a special and super heavily discounted ONE TIME pass so you can get started right away and go testing crazy!

  • Set & Forget Testing

Run tests on full autopilot, we’ll pick the winning test based on your criteria – For hassle free optimizations.

  • Built In Reporting

Use key data to understand customers and quickly make smarter decisions to boost your bottom line profits.

  • VIP Level Support

You’ll get world-class, live chat support from our very friendly team, plus tutorials and training available 24/7.

What Types Of Test Can You Run With Your New Split Test Monkey V3 Software?..

  •  A/B Dynamic ‘Snippet’ Tests:

With A/B Dynamic Snippet Testing each element/variation is rotated dynamically and directly within your webpage or blog page/post. In this type of test all visitors are viewing the same URL.

When a site visitor arrives at your page, just one of your test variations is shown to them. And each visitor will see the same variation every time they return to your page to ensure consistency (we do this using cookie).

Dynamic testing works great for testing existing pages and on page elements such as headlines, guarantees, images & video, buy/subscribe buttons, banner ads, calls to action even entire blocks of text.

You can test two (and up to six) individual variations of each element in a test with each variant shown equally across all visits for faster results.

  • Split URL/Web Page Tests:

Split URL / Webpage testing, is different from the A/B Dynamic testing, as the test variations here are complete web pages. (eg. different URL’s)

For each test you can add two (and up to six) individual web pages which will be measured against each other to determine the best converting.

Split URL testing works great for big changes such as page layouts and new designs, color schemes, offer changes (i.e. physical or digital version of your product or alternative lead magnets), pricing/payment plans etc.

We’ll provide you with a special rotator link to direct traffic to and each visitor will be shown the same webpage each time they click to ensure consistency (we do this using cookies).


Which Kind Of Test Should You Use?

With Split Test Monkey you’ll always have a choice… The decision to use A/B Dynamic tests or Split URL tests will depend on your testing requirements. In most cases we’d recommend Split URL testing first to identify a great performing page/offer then to follow up with A/B Dynamic tests to fine-tune the page for maximum conversions.

But if you have an existing page and simply want to test the effectiveness of an order button change, a new headline, a product image or a different call to action then A/B Dynamic will work just great!

Built-In Reporting & Awesome Features Make It Easy To Know You’re WINNING!

With Split Test Monkey you’ll know at a glance how your tests are performing with simple to understand statistics… Every test you run includes built in reporting that shows your traffic, your conversions and percentages along with helpful campaign data so you can easily monitor your results wherever you are with an internet connection.

Split Test Monkey also comes with 3 alternative testing options that work with both the Split URL & Dynamic Snippet tests – check them out below:

  • Auto Optimizer

This is our favorite because it’s ‘set and forget’ simple to do. Just pick your test ‘rules’ such as how long the test runs, the minimum number of total conversions required before a winner can be called. Set a confidence level (normally 95%) and that’s it…

… Split Test Monkey will then run the test on full autopilot and will automatically select the winner and from that point only show the winning element or page to all future visitors.

  • Conversion Race

Conversion Races are a lot of fun and while they are a little less ‘solid science’ they lead to quick results (and often frantic betting in the office) 🙂

Just choose how many conversions the winning element/page should hit for it to be declared a winner – For example: 1st page to hit 100 sales. You can also set a ‘margin’ number that ensures a winner isn’t called too early if it’s a close race.

Winners are then shown to all future visitors.

  • Manual Mode

If you have an eye for detail and a desire to get stuck into the numbers directly, then choose the manual test mode.

You’re now in charge and the decision when to call the test will be yours alone.

There is no automatic selection by the system and you can run the test, edit it, even add more test elements into the mix and keep it running until you’re confident on the result.

For more information about this product, click the button below:

How Does Split Test Monkey V3 Work?


Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Pricing

For a limited time, you can grab Split Test Monkey  V3 with an early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer goes!


Please Check The Funnel & Each Upgrade Details Below:

  • FE: SplitTestMonkey.com $47/67/97 1/10/100 Sites
  • Upsell #1: STM Auto Campaigns $37 per 5 Pack
  • Upsell #2: WPProfiler $17/$27/$97 1site/25site/Agency
  • Upsell #3: Viper Cache $37/$67
  • Upsell #4: Plugins Bundle $97
  • Upsell #5: Site Health Check & Plugin Setup $75


Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Is It Worth Buying?


Ever notice that failure is pretty much the norm when it comes to online business?

Seriously, think about it…

Every day, dozens or even hundreds of new people toss their hats into the online marketing ring.

And every day, dozens or even hundreds of others close up shop because they can’t make a go of it.

Which camp are you in?

Listen up…

MOST people are on the path to failure. Maybe you are too. But you can change your trajectory right now. Starting today. And you can start making a whole lot more money as a product vendor.

So what’s the secret?

It’s this: you need to test, track and tweak your ad campaigns and sales processes.

You need to figure out what’s working so you can invest more time and money into the things that are putting the most money in your pocket. And you need to find out what’s not working so you can either dump those things or fix them.

Because you know what?

People who are successful product vendors don’t guess about what works. They don’t assume something works just because it looks profitable on paper. Instead, they optimize every single part of their sales process, including:

  • The offer
  • Sales pages
  • Headlines
  • Bullets
  • Calls to action
  • Page design
  • Videos
  • Upsell offers
  • Backend offers
  • And more!

And these smart marketers don’t stop testing and tracking until:

  • Conversion rates are optimized
  • Sales leaks are sealed up
  • Refunds are low
  • And affiliates are so happy they’re doing cartwheels and promoting like crazy

Read that last line again and think about it.

If you’re a product vendor with a high-converting sales letter, you’re going to have affiliates who go crazy promoting everything you sell. This is a fantastic way to build your business effortlessly!

Now maybe all of this makes sense to you. Maybe you’ve even thought about testing before. But one thing holds you back…

The whole thing seems sort of difficult.

Until now…

Split Test Monkey V3 makes it easier than ever for you to split test your sales letters to optimize conversions, boost sales, get affiliates excited about promoting, and put more money in your pocket.

Best of all, Split Test Monkey makes it easier than ever to get these benefits. And you don’t need a Ph.D. in statistics to get started!

That’s because Split Test Monkey does all the number crunching, tracking, and heavy lifting for you.

You see, a lot of split testing tools make you take out a calculator before you can even get started.

You have to plug in a bunch of formulas and crunch numbers before you can run even a single test!

Not Split Test Monkey.

All you have to do is set the tool to “auto-optimize,” and Split Test Monkey does all the hard work… while you enjoy all the profits!

Simply put, there’s never been an easier or faster way to start making more money.

  • There’s nothing to download
  • There’s nothing to install
  • You don’t need to crunch any numbers

Sound easy? It is. And I think this is going to become your favorite revenue-boosting tool.

If You Thought Split Testing Was Boring Or Too Complicated… THINK AGAIN!

Split Test Monkey was developed by a team of marketers that HATED split testing with a passion…

For it to work in our business it really had to be so simple and easy to use that it felt practically invisible…

And as you’ll see below, the results just blew us away…

  • DOUBLED Landing Page Conversion Rate Adding An Extra 200+ Subscribers To Our List In Just A Single Week!

If You Need More Subscribers, Split Test And Optimize Your Landing Pages Now, It’S Crazy Easy With Split Test Monkey!

Let me ask you a question: Would you like a bigger list and would you like it without having to invest in more traffic?

Of course you would (who wouldn’t?)… That’s why you should start testing your landing pages today. In this test we lifted conversion on a landing page from 21% to a list doubling 42.5% with basic layout changes and more emphasis on the headline and lead magnet’s bullet point.

  • Made An Extra $570 Sales Revenue In Just ONE DAY With The Simplest Of Sales Page Video Tests You’d Imagine!

Whatever You Sell Online And Wherever You Sell It Just A Few Tiny Tweaks Could Turn Even A Trickle Of Sales Into A Flood.

All the experts will tell you that “pages with video outsell those that don’t” – But They Don’T Say What Type Of Video!

We tested a dirt-simple demo video against a ‘slick’ and expensive sales video on one of our popular software sites during a product relaunch – The results shocked us, the simple demo lifted conversions from 4.8% (the original sales video) to 7.3% bringing an extra $570 (basically free money) in sales.

  • 311% Increase In Sidebar Banner Clicks On Our Blog, All Thanks To The Addition Of A Little Animated .Gif Showing Our Ugly Mugs!

If You Own A Blog And Monetize It With Ads Or Use The Content To Promote Your Own Products Then More Clicks = More $$$’S

Despite great content, tons of targeted traffic and well-placed banners we’d never been happy with our click rates and we’d tried different styles of ads before with only average results.

This little graphic test was based on an idea we, err ‘borrowed’ after seeing it on a well-known blogger’s site – No one on the team thought it’d have any impact… but it did! Over a 2 week test the ‘mugshot’ graphic increased clicks to the top banner by 311% – Why not try it yourself, it’s really simple to do and worked like crazy for us!


Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Who Can Need It?

In my opinion, Split Test Monkey V3 is going to be a brilliant choice for:

  • Email List Builders:

Boost your subscriber rates and grow your list faster by testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons.

  • Product Vendors

Product Vendors: Convert more sales and build bigger profits all hands-free by testing sales and upsell pages, headlines, bullet points, pricing, and calls to action.

  • Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers: Get more clicks and bigger commission checks on offers you promote – Test your affiliate promo pages, bonus and review pages, etc.

  • Social Media Marketers

Social Media Marketers: Grow your following and boost traffic the easy way by testing share button placement/styles, testing calls to action, and more.

  • Media Buyers & Advertisers

Media Buyers & Advertisers: Reduce your advertising costs and increase your ROI fast by testing your ad copy and creatives, landing pages, trip wires and more.

  • Ecommerce Store Owners

Ecommerce/Store Owners: Build your brand and explode your bottom line profits by testing price points, shipping rates, product shots and even checkout page styles/templates.

  • Bloggers

Bloggers: Increase your site stickiness and audience engagement by testing post and page layouts, font sizes and styles, post images, banner ads, opt-in forms, and much more.

  • Authors and Publishers

Authors / Publishers: Boost sales by split testing ads and media campaigns, cover designs, book titles, chapter/blurb copy, pricing and even formats available to readers.

The list goes on

Split Test Monkey V3 Review – My Opinion

Split Test Monkey v3 is a tool that allows you to create and track split tests for your website. In a split test, also called A/B testing, you compare two versions of a web page to see which one performs better.

Split Test Monkey makes it easy to set up and track split tests, so you can find out which version of your web page is more effective. Split Test Monkey is simple to use and provides valuable insights into how your website visitors interact with your web pages.

Overall, Split Test Monkey is an effective tool for helping you improve your website’s performance.

Split Test Monkey V3 Review – FAQs

  • Are There Any Long-Term Commitments Or Contracts?

No, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term contracts or commitments at all and right now you can secure access with zero monthly fees, you’ll get an annual account without any limitations.

  • Can I Access My Account From Anywhere?

Yes, Split Test Monkey is a web-based platform which means you can access your data, and your administrator area and create new tests from any computer with a browser.

  • Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes, we do. SplitTestMonkey.com comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • What’s The Difference Between Split URL Testing And A/B Element Testing?

With Split Test Monkey you can split test up to 6 URLs (pages) against each other to determine which pages produce the best conversions, this is referred to as ‘Split URL’ testing. You can also split test specific elements within a single page such as an order button or an image, you can test up to 6 elements, this is referred to as a ‘Dynamic Snippet’ test.

  • Can I Still Split Test With Low Traffic?

Yes you can! And you should – Even if your site gets low volume traffic having a split test in place can be beneficial (especially so if you set your split test using Split Test Monkey’s ‘Autopilot’ feature) – It might take a while to deliver a result with the right level of confidence but it will eventually come.

Even better, if your site gets an unexpected traffic boost (maybe from an affiliate/JV partner or influential tweet/social share) then the data you gather will be genuinely valuable.

Consider making BIG changes rather than minor ones – You won’t need as much traffic to get a reliable (significant) result – To do this change the offer itself, your page layout, and switch out the entire sales copy (yes multiple changes on a page are fine) but test only two variants (page a vs. page b, not a/b/c/d/e/f/ etc.)

Once you have a winner use that page as your control and continue testing but this time against fewer individual elements.

  • Also consider that traffic alone might not be your only hold up…

Very low conversions can prolong testing results, but you also can work around this if you need to. Don’t test for sale conversions, instead test alternative metrics such as visitors clicking the order button through to your checkout page. This way you can test and optimize your page even with less actual sales.

The key point here is that if you don’t test, your conversions will never improve, nothing will change and you’ll be constantly stuck in a cycle of guess/fail/guess/fail.

  • This actually depends on the goal of your page…

We all know it’s good marketing practice that a single page should have a specific, singular goal with a desired result, but what that result is, is really up to you. It could be an email opt-in, a product sale or an affiliate link click etc.

What We Test And Why: The most important factor is always the offer itself. (This is what you’re providing to the visitor) The offer is the most important consideration in the mind of your visitor. What solution are you providing?

So first test any element that could make your offer more compelling or elements that explain why you provide the solution your visitors are looking for. Q: Can you add more persuasive elements to your page to increase the desire for your solution? – A: ALWAYS!

  • When you get the offer right you’re 50% of the way to achieving your desired goal.

Secondly, (and also HUGELY important) is your Headline. Testing headlines can have dramatic results. The right headline can deliver 200%, 300% and in some of our tests even 500% increases in conversion rate. So test your headlines (especially on landing pages and sales pages) and ensure you’re using good sales copy practices.

  • Combine a great headline with a great offer and you’re practically guaranteed to achieve your page goal.

Beyond these two key elements we’re entering “testing geek” territory: Font styles, images, page or background colors, buy buttons, using credit card icons, guarantee seals, calls to action, sub-headlines, bullets and postscripts, pop-ups, and more… And while each can impact your conversions rate (thus worthy of testing), changes here generally produce only minor improvements. For instance, an alternative style or color buy button style may deliver a 5% lift in conversion. But your main priority should be far bigger lifts. So make these tests once you have the big ones in the bag (the offer, the headline).

  • Does Split Test Monkey Offer URL or Element Weighting?

NO! We believe that the best way to make your test results dependable is to evenly split traffic 50/50.
Sometimes people are reluctant to do this, especially if they feel a specific variant could pose potential risk to conversion (so they worry about sending a large volume of traffic to it.) But splitting traffic to say 75% to a ‘control’ page and 25% to a new page would require a considerably longer test to produce a statistically significant result.

We believe that for 99% of users simply dividing traffic equally across all tests is both the easiest and most reliable way to achieve a quick result.

  • What’s The Difference Between Split URL Testing And A/B Element Testing?

With Split Test Monkey you can split test up to 6 URLs (pages) against each other to determine which pages produce the best conversions, this is referred to as ‘Split URL’ testing. You can also split test specific elements within a single page such as an order button or an image, you can test up to 6 elements, this is referred to as a ‘Dynamic Snippet’ test.

Split Test Monkey V3 Review – Conclusion

This is all want to share with you about Split Test Monkey V3. It opens up customer and subscriber-only access to Split Test Monkey V3 software, and it promises to be the most fun way you’ll ever have to make more money! I hope that my review can give you a helping hand in deciding what is best for you.

Thank you for following my review and wish you all the best. Goodbye.


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