Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review: Is it Worth It in 2022?

Are you looking for an in-depth Funnel Hackers Cookbook review? What is it? Is it worth buying the Funnel Hacker Cookbook with ClickFunnels?

You want to understand what the book is about, and how to use it in your business to create a high-converting sales funnel. , or you simply want to know everything behind it.

You’re in the right place!

Even the Funnel Hackers Cookbook by Russell Brunson has helped many entrepreneurs understand what kind of funnel to build in what situations, what funnel pages, what order, what sequence…

It took me over a week to read and learn about it. In this article, I will review it in depth and truthfully detail the book’s content, who can benefit from it, and how to access it.


Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Funnel Hackers Cookbook
  • Website:
  • Special OfferGet Instant Access Here
  • Creator: Russell Brunson
  • Price: FREE + $19.95 in the US or $38.95 International
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Overall Rank: 4.7/5
  • Funnel Scripts Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Expert in Sales Funnels

Introduction Funnel Hackers Cookbook by Russell Brunson 


What Is Funnel Hackers Cookbook?


Funnel Hacker Cookbook is a step-by-step guide to building a funnel including the elements, pages, and core funnels needed to build a funnel.

It very simply explains all the different types of pages and sales funnels, detailing exactly how you can build a more effective funnel.

This book contains the Top 22 Sales Funnels – tried and tested ‘recipes’ – that ClickFunnels uses to make over $100 million a year for its own business.

You can read ClickFunnels Review – Everything You Need To Know in 2022

You’ll learn all about the different elements of your funnel pages. Their role is to help your business stand out from the rest. You’ll also learn how to get the most out of them and the order in which to place them.

You’ll discover the type of funnel it takes to build your industry in any situation.

Note: Funnel Hackers Cookbook does not teach you strategies, tactics, or anything about funnel psychology. If you are in need of strategies, and the best affiliate marketing secrets you should read the book Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

The Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review: Take A Look Inside

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook has 3 chapters:

  • Elements (the ingredients)
  • Pages recipes
  • Funnels recipes

Chapter 1: Elements (The Ingredients)

Elements (the ingredients) are a building block on the landing page like an image, CTA button, opt-in form, logo, etc. Some elements are only available on certain types of pages and you need to learn:

  • What they are?
  • How do they contribute to a funnel’s overall logic?
  • And, if you’re using ClickFunnels, how to use these components digitally.

Based on the type of page you create, you can determine what elements you can include inside. This means that the time you should spend building the landing page will be faster without any confusion or wasted time.

The Funnel Hackers cookbook offers over 50 different types of elements, their uses, and real-world examples. It doesn’t seem necessary to remember all of them because you can end up putting the book on your desk and revisiting it any time you want.

Chapter 2: Pages Recipes

The key to creating an engaging and creative website is to understand the elements that make up your page. Once you know how they work together, all you need to do is mix them up.

There’s nothing better than having a team designing landing pages for your business, but the truth is most small businesses don’t have a lot of money for that. However, if you understand the page structure, you can also create high-converting funnels.

The recipes on the page tell you how you perform the different functions and ingredients on the pages. Read all these pages, and you will understand what you really want to do.

There are 37 types of pages in this chapter:

  • Presell pages: Survey, Article, Presell, Clickpop
  • Opt-in pages: Squeeze Page, Reverse Squeeze Page, Lead Magnet, Coupon
  • Thank You pages: Thank You Page, Share Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page
  • Sales pages:  Sales Letter Page, Video Sales Page, Product Launch Page
  • OTO pages: Upsell & Downsell Page
  • Order Forms: Sales Letter Order, Two-Step Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Traditional Order PagePage, Product Launch Order Page.
  • Webinar pages: Webinar Registration Page, Webinar Confirmation Page, Webinar Broadcast Room, Webinar Replay Room.
  • Membership pages: Access Page, Member’s Area
  • Affiliate pages: Access Page, Affiliate Area
  • Other pages: Home Page, Application Page, Hangout Page, Ask Page, Hero Page, Live Demo Page, Store Front

Chapter 3: Funnels Recipes

In the last chapter, Russell is going to share with you the funnel frameworks. Funnel Hacker’s cookbook provides 22 different funnels templates you can use in your business.


It has been breakdown into four types:

  • Lead Funnels: The funnel helps you generate leads and collects potential customers’ information.
  • Buyer Funnels: The funnel helps you sell your products or services online.
  • Event Funnels: The funnel for events such as webinars or product launch
  • Other Funnels: The funnel that can help you generate leads or sell products depend on your purpose.

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Cost

The Funnel Hacker Cookbook has two formats:

  • Physical book (Hard Copy)
  • Digital book (PDF)

The hard copy requires paying a small cost for printing, shipping, and handling. It costs you $19.95 in the US or $38.95 internationally everywhere in the world.

Digital is also an excellent option for marketers. The Funnel Hacker Cookbook pdf is FREE.  You can download it here.

Download The Book In Less Than 30 Seconds

Step #1: Visit and click the button to sign-up


Step #2: Click the left button to download Funnel Hacker Cookbook pdf


The Secrets Trilogy Box Set


If you buy the hardcover book, It would be best to purchase The Secrets Trilogy Box Set together. The box set is available on the “order form bump” form.


Funnel hacker’s Cookbook sales page (physical version)


The Secrets Trilogy Box Set is a pack back include all Russell Brunson bestselling book.

  • Dotcom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Unlock The Secrets

It costs you $97 plus $19.95 in the US or 29,95 Intl for shipping and handling.



When you get the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook (both Digital and Hard Copy), you’ll receive series three video training from Russell Brunson:

  • Funnel Strategy
  • Page Recipes
  • and Funnel Recipes

In the video, Russell will teach you how to use the book correctly. He used giant lego to show you how simple it is to build sales funnel.

So make sure you don’t miss it!

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook Pros & Cons

Honestly, Although I’m a fan of Russell Brunson’s books, I’ll honestly tell you the pros and cons of the Funnel Hackers Cookbook.


  • Learn how to create a sales funnel: Learning the what, how, and why of using different types of channels is one of the main categories of content covered in the information on the pages.
  • Suitable for many types of business: Many elements in the book make the pages suitable for most websites.
  • Simple concepts, easy to understand: Pages that use simple communication make complex ideas simpler to express to the reader.
  • Great for beginners: With information like videos, coaching, images, software, and tons of article content on its pages, this is great for anyone – from beginners to experts.
  • It comes with Training: All readers have access to training videos and archives.

If you’re looking at the funnel book for a comprehensive knowledge of the different funnel selling methods and everything in between, you’ll be a satisfied customer. On the other hand, you can find a few downsides.


  • High-level information overload: There can be a bit of information overload. If terms like ‘squeeze page’ and ‘clickpop’ are unfamiliar, and things like ‘funnel’ and ‘hero page’ sound like too much to learn, the copy in the pages of this book might be too much for someone. The content on each page is the opinion of an experienced marketing professional, so there may be some words and articles that are not appropriate for all levels.
  • Shipping cost: While the Funnel Hackers Cookbook doesn’t cost any money for the product itself (yes, the price of this digital version is $0!), there is a shipping fee involved (Funnel Hacker Cookbook’s Funnel). The point is, that shipping will only be an issue if you live and work outside of the US. Otherwise, the physical copy is a great thing. Like a free trial! If you are concerned about the shipping cost of your order, you can keep a tab about additional fees on their website (see order forms).


Overall, I think the Funnel hackers Cookbook is the perfect solution for anyone looking to capture leads, take their business to the next level, get extra clicks, become a master of the art. click channel and generally see their business boom.

However, to get to the above you have to read and study the steps and implement them carefully. Everyone who goes through all its chapters and pages will become a true funnel hacker in their own right.

I hope you enjoyed our Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review! If you want to join the brilliant hackers who use marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship strategies to explode their business, then this Funnel Hackers Cookbook review is a great place to start.


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