Expert Secrets Review – ᐈ 100% Worth It! [New Update 2022]

Are you looking for an Expert Secrets Review by Russell Brunson? Are You heard of the Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson? Do You Want to Increase Traffic for Website?

How to Make Money by sharing what you already know online. Can this book really teach you how to get more sales for your online business?

There are many gurus teaching online marketing, but most are scams. So you may wonder if Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is another scam or not.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re always looking for new ways to grow your business. One of the best ways to do this is to learn from experts in your field. And one of the best ways to learn from experts is to read their books!


Expert Secrets is one of those must-read books for entrepreneurs. It’s packed with actionable steps that will help you communicate more effectively with your audience, build a stronger brand, and create a loyal community of fans and customers.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then Expert Secrets is a must-read.

It has been claimed in other reviews that Expert Secrets utilizes a versatile approach to help readers become niche experts.

In addition to creating a loyal following, the business strategy focuses on attracting customers who feel connected to the message and want to buy your products.

I have a passion for helping people explore the best money-making programs. So over the years, I have reviewed many similar business programs or books like Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Expert Secrets is actually one of my favorite business books. To fully understand it, you may have to read it multiple times. Take it with you on your online lifestyle business adventures.

Is this book still relevant in 2022? Scroll down and read on to this review of mine!!!


Expert Secrets Review – Overview

  • Product Name Book: Expert Secrets Book
  • Website
  • Special OfferGet A Free Copy Here
  • Creator: Russell Brunson
  • Expert Secrets Book Scam or Legit: Legit
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Expert in Online Marketing

What is Expert Secrets?


Expert Secrets is a book written by internet marketing guru Russell Brunson. He’s the guy who wrote Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. He’s also the founder of ClickFunnels.

You can FREE 14-Day ClickFunnels Trial (+ $5,586 worth of bonuses!)

In Expert Secrets, he lays out his secrets for building a successful online business. Brunson has made a name for himself by teaching others how to use the internet to their advantage, and he shares his most valuable tips and tricks.

He covers topics such as creating mass appeal products, building an email list, and generating traffic through SEO and social media.

With Brunson’s guidance, readers will learn how to turn their passion into a profitable business. While the book is primarily geared towards those with an entrepreneurial bent, its lessons can be applied to anyone looking to improve their online presence.

Expert Secrets will help you how to build a mass movement of people who will pay for your products and services. In other words, it’s a book about how to turn your followers into customers and customers into raving fans.

The book is based on Brunson’s own experiences in building a successful software company, and he shares his secrets for success with the reader.

If you’re looking to build a successful business, I highly recommend that you check out Expert Secrets. It’s one of the best business books I’ve ever read.

In Expert Secrets, Brunson breaks down his process for creating and marketing products that people will love, and he provides readers with actionable steps that they can take to start building their own tribes.

While the book is geared towards businesses, the principles can be applied to any area of life where you want to cultivate a following of passionate supporters.

Whether you’re looking to grow a business, a blog, or a social media following, Expert Secrets will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Who is Russel Brunson?


Russell Brunson has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books (making him a New York Times Best Seller) with his famous books, including:

and popularized the concept of sales funnels.

He helped co-found the software startup ClickFunnels, which enables tens of thousands of business owners to easily spread their messages to the market. While competing in wrestling at Boise State University, serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson founded his first web business.

Clickfunnels Review – Everything You Need To Know

Todd Dickerson and Russell launched their sales funnel software in October 2014, and the company grew to $100,000,000 in the first three years. Currently, ClickFunnels has over 100,000 active users.

ClickFunnels also offers the 2-comma club, which is made up of ClickFunnels members who have made over $1 Million using a single funnel. Over 300 people are members of the club today.

Russell Brunson also runs Affiliate Bootcamp, the One Funnel Away Challenge, and Funnel Builder Secrets, among others.

In addition, did you know that he is the highest-paid performance closer in the world?

In 2018, he presented a 90-minute speech at a 10X Growth Conference With Grant Cardone and closed $3 million.

Maybe you don’t know: Grant created the 10X Growth Conference and is International social media influencer. With over 15,000,000 followers, fans and connections Grant Cardone has been named one of the Top 10 CEOs to follow.

There can be no doubt that Russell is one of the most prominent sales and marketing professionals in the industry today.

Important: As of 2022, Russell Brunson’s net worth exceeds $40 million

Why You Should Buy Expert Secrets Book?

You can work with a standard model when you generate money online through a marketing system.

If you are a photographer selling services, you are already an expert in your field.

However, all of these services are one-to-one. In exchange for money, you must put in your time. Without your presence, the “work” does not get done, and the money does not come in.

It’s still time for money even if you hire people to work with you. You don’t get paid if you do not book clients for your business – that’s as simple as that.

You’ll learn how to protect your business from the time-for-money trade in this Expert Secrets Review.

Through their professional work with clients, these photographers might have built up a lot of knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets helps you translate this expertise. Services providers or those with specific knowledge can increase their income generation by:

  • Offering your expertise in the form of information products your audience wants
  • Using webinars to generate targeted leads and followers
  • Selling high-ticket packages, including coaching services and masterminds

Do you think this book would be beneficial to your business?

The answer is yes if you have expertise in a niche that you can monetize and create a new opportunity.

By following this Expert Secrets review precisely, you might even be able to build a huge following of raving fans.

What is the Inside Expert Secrets Book?

In Expert Secrets, you’ll find five distinct sections that offer you a reliable framework for replicating Russell Brunson’s success.

If you remember that this is a man who made millions by selling a book about potato guns using these “expert” secrets, you can imagine the potential that lies ahead. The power of Expert Secrets lies in the fact that whatever your expertise, you will still be able to benefit from it.

The Expert Secrets Book is arranged in a simple order of 5 separate sections. It has a total of 22 chapters full of Expert Secrets.

Section #1: Creating Your Mass Movement

Considering the importance of a loyal community, Russell Brunson began the first part of The Expert’s Secret on Creating Your “Mass Movement”.


Example: Think about if there is a Facebook group with 100,000 likes. 10% of them read each of your articles with 10,000 views and 1% purchase you already have 1,000 purchases.

In this section, Expert Secrets dives into the process of engaging your target audience or your fans or you can call it a tribe.

Before you can be called an Expert, you need to attract someone or create a group of people who follow you and look to you for advice, guidance, and maybe even ask for your support. Always look forward to your new posts, new videos, or new products.

If you are interested and want to find a way to create and nurture such a mass movement, then you need to move on to this first part of Expert Secrets.

To create a mass movement, here are some practical steps you can take:

  • Make yourself an “Attractive Character” (such as a leader, mentor, or influencer)
  • Become a visionary, an advocate for a promising future idea or product.
  • Create a new opportunity (or vehicle) for the tribe or followers. I often share free website SEO tools and the fastest way to make money with my team.

Keep in mind that a “new opportunity” could be goods or services that help your followers achieve their goals. Your thoughts, message, advice, and even the instruments you provide can be applied by those who want to become authorities in their various disciplines.

In section #1, Three important aspects of creating a mass movement were covered.

  • The Charismatic leader
  • The Cause
  • The New Opportunity

Let’s consider them:

Attractive Characters/Charismatic Leaders: Every skill can be learned and mastered. Not everyone is a born leader, but anyone who follows simple rules can learn wisdom and skill.


Russell teaches you how to:

  • Find your target market
  • Understand the best approach to engage them with your product.
  • Write compelling marketing messages

The Cause: Another aspect of creating a mass movement as discussed in the first part of The Expert’s Secret is “The Cause.”


How do you get people to trust and be devoted to your cause? This is possibly one of the best skills every “expert” should master.

Russell understands how important and powerful this can be. Therefore, he shows you the steps to take. Here, he teaches you how to introduce opportunities to people and get them involved.

New Opportunities: In this section, Russells shows you the right steps needed to push your followers in the right direction and get them excited about your opportunity.


Section #2: Creating Belief


  • Secret #7: How To Create A Powerful “A-Ha” Moment For Your Customers That Gives Them Clarity On How To Solve Their Problem… So That They’ve Already Pre-Sold Themselves On Your Solution Before You’ve Even Made The Offer!
  • ​Secret #8: The Two-Part “Journey” Framework That SIMPLIFIES Story Structuring, And The Key To Making Sure Your Message Has MAXIMUM Emotional Impact As A Great StoryTeller!
  • Secret #9: The Script That Turns A Quick Engaging Story Or Experience Into A Pivotal Light-Bulb Moment For Your Dream Customers That Leaves Them Already Sold On The Solution You’re About To Offer!
  • ​Secret #10: The 4 Stories You Can Use Together To REWRITE The Stories That Are In Your Dream Customer’s Head That Aren’t Serving Them, Or Telling Them They CAN’T…

In addition to invading someone’s dream and planting a belief (à la Inception), how in the hell do you create belief?

It’s pretty simple, really. It’s important to leverage consistent interaction, time, and experience with the problem.

Russell believes that everything begins with a belief. It’s why his company offers mindset videos through its FunnelFlix library, which is a component of ClickFunnels, the software he designed.

You can use these techniques to, over time, instill in your audience the same belief you have. Using the example of selling financial products, maybe you believe one’s future financial well-being lies with oneself.

Expert-Secrets-the EpiphanyBridge

If your audience currently feels that they are powerless over their financial future, they have two options:

  • Finding people who believe the same as you
  • Through repetition and consistency, persuade your audience to change their opinions

In order to convert people (or discover the best ones) you need the following 6 methods:

  1. The Big Domino
  2. The Epiphany Bridge
  3. The Hero’s Two Journeys
  4. The Epiphany Bridge Script
  5. False Belief Patterns
  6. The 3 Secrets

Section #3: One-to-Many Selling

  • Secret #11: The detailed step-by-step FRAMEWORK that builds massive value for your customers, PRE-SELLS them on your offer (so you don’t have to do any actual selling), and motivates them to buy RIGHT NOW! (I use this every single time I go on stage (or a webinar) to deliver a presentation where I make an offer.)
  • ​Secret #12: How To Knock Down Your Customer’s MAIN False Belief That Is Keeping Your Customer From Saying “YES!” To Your Offer… (Once This Happens, All Of Their Other False Beliefs Will Come Crashing Down!)
  • Secret #13: Use This 3-Part Story-Selling Framework To Squash Your Customers’ False Beliefs BEFORE They Even Have A Chance To Think Of Them… And Rebuild Belief Patterns That Inspires Them To Take ACTION And Change Their Lives!
  • ​Secret #14: The Exact Script To Use To Easily Transition You From The “Content” Part Of Your Presentation, To Making An “Offer” And Closing The Sale (Here’s A Detailed Break-Down Of What To Say Slide-By-Slide!)
  • Secret #15: My 16 FAVORITE Mini-Closes That You Can Layer And Plug Into Your Presentation To Help Persuade Customers to Buy Your Offer (I combine these closes almost anytime I’m going to ask somebody to make an investment with me!)

Your expertise will have the most impact if you can sell it. Communication is essential for success, so make sure you’re communicating well.


Breaking down barriers and educating your readers can be accomplished through immediate communication with your readers. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • If you’ve ever purchased any of Russell’s other products, you may have seen “the stack slide.”. The OFA Challenge, for example, comes with a long “stack” of bonuses in addition to the main product. This sweetens your offer and makes it irresistible.
  • The Perfect Webinar – At the end of this section, you can present the “stack slide” as the key element of how you can sell your offer with only one single point of belief.

By following each of these methods (The One Thing, Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns, The Stack, and Trial Closes), you will be able to nail your sales. With time, you’ll also get better.

In addition to courses and coaching workshops, you can also offer masterminds and other new opportunities with this fantastic framework.

Section #4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

  • Secret #16: The 7-Day schedule you should follow EVERY week for an entire year to “test and tweak” your presentation…or until you hit the Two Comma Club (whichever comes sooner!)
  • ​Secret #17: Use This Perfect Webinar SHORTCUT, And Get Your FULL Presentation Created In Just 10-15 Minutes… (This Works GREAT For When You Need To Get An Offer Out To Your Audience FAST, And Don’t Have Weeks Or Days To Plan Out A Traditional Perfect Webinar!)
  • Secret #18: This Script Chops Your Perfect Webinar Down To Just 5 Minutes… without cutting the value of your offer! (Use This For FB Lives, Sales Pages, And When The Product You’re Selling Is Under $100!)
  • ​Secret #19: …AND, How To Weave ALL Of These Stories, Scripts, And Frameworks Inside This Book Into Different LEVELS In Your Funnel (And Even Outside Your Funnel), So You Can Guide Your Dream Customers Straight Toward The Result They Really Want!

If funnels weren’t around, where would we be? The truth is that without funnels, people’s selling skills would not only take a hit, but they would also suffer damage to their reputations and business.


That is what Brunson’s series of business books are about (like DotCom Secrets). This book shows you how you can use funnels in so many ways that they’re worth reading.

There are a lot of reasons why the creator of ClickFunnels would argue for funnels in your business, but there’s a reason behind it. Every entrepreneur can master copywriting, advertising, and traffic.

A funnel, however, can help people convert prospects in an effortless and seamless manner.

It is also possible to translate your webinar model into a funnel design.

Here you will discover how to leverage the mass movement you are building into an opportunity for you to make money.

The funnel sequence is described in this section, including:

  • The Perfect Webinar Model
  • The Four Question Close
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack
  • Email Epiphany Funnels
  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

In digital marketing, funnels are the key to success. Probably the most powerful aspect of Expert Secrets is the in-depth section. You’ll be able to use the exact funnel templates to drive traffic and conversions to your business when you use these funnels.

Section #5: Fill Your Funnel

A quick preview of “Traffic Secrets.” As the section title suggests, this is the part of Expert Secrets that discusses finding prospects and leads for your business. In essence, this is all about getting people to your sales funnels.

By going to the areas where your potential customers congregate, you can generate traffic. The “Dream 100” is an amazing process.

Expert Secrets Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 – Expert Evolution

“How To Become The Leader Your Tribe Has Been Waiting For…” Total Value: $97.00


During this presentation you will learn the five steps you must go through to find your voice, and establish yourself as an expert.

You will also learn the secrets of how to create your own frameworks and how to teach those frameworks so those who you are serving will not only remember them but also be able to implement them in their lives!

  • Bonus #2 – Hook, Story, Offer

“If Something Isn’t Working, It’s Always Either Your Hook, Story, Or Your Offer!” Total Value: $97.00


This presentation will teach you the powerful “hook, story, offer” framework and how you can use it to build better funnels, fix funnels that have flopped, and finally know with absolute certainty how to get your funnels working!

  • Bonus #3 – The Perfect Webinar Slides!

“Get My Webinar Slides (Keynote and PPT) That You Can Use To Create Your Own Perfect Webinar As It’s Taught In The Expert Secrets Book!” Total Value: $197.00


As you read the Expert Secrets Book, you will learn about the Perfect Webinar” framework. It takes many people 3-5 days OR MORE to build out their own slides to model this proven presentation framework, but when you order today, you’ll get a copy of my slide deck with training on how to customize it for your presentation!

  • Bonus #4 – The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar

“How To Make Mini Perfect Webinars To Sell Physical eCommerce Products…” Total Value: $97.00


Jaime Cross took my perfect webinar and tweaked it to sell physical products (soaps and lotions). She used this mini version to quickly get her funnel into the “Two Comma Club” and in this bonus, you’ll get her training on how to do it as well as the script she developed to make it easy for anyone to implement!

  • Bonus #5 – 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge!

“Learn How To Apply The Principles Of Expert Secrets During The 30-Day Expert Secrets Challenge!” Total Value: $97.00


After you read the Expert Secrets Book, the first question most people have is: “Where should I start?” The answer is the 30-Day Expert Secrets Challenge!

This challenge is a kickstart to get you moving forward quickly. It will give you a day-by-day roadmap to follow to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

Who is Need Expert Secrets?

Do you think Expert Secrets is worth the time you put into it?

It’s a matter of how much you value your time and whether or not you wish to be more productive in life (not just in business).

It may not be worth your time to read Expert Secrets if you prefer to spend weeks, months, and even years figuring out how to build a loyal following of followers that will believe, trust, and purchase your products. Please don’t waste your time.

Additionally, it’s challenging to hire people who can help you build a loyal following, reflect your brand, and improve your product offerings.

Marketing experts, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and marketers will enjoy Expert Secrets.

To tell the truth, this book is full of nuggets to help anyone with a desire to make money and make an impact.

Expert Secrets provides you with the knowledge needed to:

  • Tell stories to share your advice
  • Become a leading authority and gain followers
  • Create a webinar people will love
  • Closing high-ticket products
  • Plus much more.

How Can You Benefit From The Expert Secrets Book?


Taking action on the lessons taught in the Expert Secrets book is the only way you can benefit from it.

The book is worth nothing if you don’t act on it!

What matters is taking action.

Among the things you will learn are:

  • Finding your voice as a leader will be easier
  • You will gain more self-confidence through it
  • It will help you create a movement of people who are crazy about learning from you.
  • It will teach you how to make money by sharing what you already know online.

These “Expert Secrets” have been used to increase sales in funnels for:

Business owners in every market you can dream of.

  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local Small Business
  • ​Info Products
  • ​E-Commerce
  • Network Marketing
  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • Agency/Freelancer
  • Blogging/Affiliate
  • ​And More…!

Anyone can learn internet marketing from him because of how he teaches it. He showed me that you need a vibrant character, a purpose, and the ability to transform people. Webinars, as Russell teaches them, have significantly changed my business.

Is It Still A Must-Read Book In 2022?

Yes, Of Course.

Expert Secrets was designed to piggyback and ride out social trends and algorithm changes. Considering it was published in 2017, you might think it has lost its initial appeal.

After a few years, most books are no longer relevant. That’s just the way it is.

Regardless, the way Brunson addressed these topics in Expert Secrets makes it still relevant today and for years to come.

You can check out the first book of this trilogy. Even today, DotCom Secrets holds as much relevance as it did in 2015, helping numerous businesses achieve success and continue their success.

Therefore, this book remains relevant even in the year 2020. The audiobook is most definitely worth listening to if you currently have second thoughts about the book or don’t want to read it cover-to-cover because you’d prefer to hear Russel read it.

While it’s an entirely different experience than reading, you’ll still gain valuable insight on how to enhance your brand’s voice.

Expert Secrets Pros

  • 1. The Expert Secrets is free

The Expert Secrets is free. Russell Brunson doesn’t charge you for the information. You only have to cover the shipping fee. I do think this is a generous offer because many online marketing books cost hundred dollars.

  • 2. The Strategies Can Be Applied to Any Niches

No matter what niche you are in, you can benefit from the strategies learned from Expert Secrets. While your products and services might be different, the marketing and sales concepts are the same.

You can use the strategies that have been proven to work in your business and make more money.

Expert Secrets Cons

  • 1. You Need To Have An Existing Business To Benefit

Although you can read Expert Secrets for fun, you can only benefit from the book if you have an existing business. Without an existing business, you cannot implement the skills learned from the book and make money.

So if you want to see actual results from reading this book, start an online business today.

  • 2. Expert Secrets is For Online Businesses Only

If you only have a physical business without going online, you may not be able to implement the stuff in Expert Secrets. Russell Brunson is an expert in online marketing, so he assumes your business has an online presence.

Given that more and more businesses go online, I recommend you to start doing online marketing if your business is not doing it right now. You will regret it if your business doesn’t build an online presence.

  • 3. You Have To Cover The Shipping Fee

While the book is free, you have to cover the shipping fee. For some countries, the shipping fee might be a bit expensive.

But I think it’s worthwhile to get the free book. Paying the shipping fee is reasonable.

Expert Secrets Positive and Negative Feedback

There are positives and negatives to any product available. The same can be said about Expert Secrets. Even though Brunson’s teachings are collected in this book, it still has a few areas that can be improved.

Take a look at the book’s benefits and drawbacks.

Expert Secrets Positive Feedbacks

  • The book is available on the official website for free, along with many bonuses
  • You will learn how to monetize your valuable content through it
  • New businesses and existing enterprises can both benefit from the book
  • Your stories will sell more if you use it
  • Learn the ins and outs of becoming a thought leader
  • You learn how to boost sales by using this guide

Expert Secrets Negative Feedback

  • For shipping, you have to pay. Considering that you get the book for free plus a lot of amazing bonuses, is this really such a big deal?
  • It takes time for results to appear. You will need to devote a lot of time to it, since it is a very tedious process
  • The solution won’t happen overnight, and you won’t see any results right away
  • It takes a lot of reading and trial and error

Expert Secrets Pricing

“Expert Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Converting Your Online Visitors Into Lifelong Customers” (that retails at $24.95) for FREE. Yes, this book is free, and all you pay is $9.95 US or $19.95 International anywhere in the world.

There’s no catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don’t love the book – I’ll even refund your shipping costs (and you don’t have to ship the book back).

A 2-step process is used by Russell on the site to calculate the fee plus shipping.

This is a funnel he teaches most booksellers and other people who sell physical products.

In other words, buying the book from his site not only lets you get the book free, but it lets you view his funnel in action and see how his upsells work.

It is fine to buy upsells if they will add value to your business, and if not, it is okay to pass.

Expert Secrets Upsells

“But what about these upsells?” you might ask – don’t worry!

They’re completely optional, but it would be best if you buy them with the book so you can turn all your ideas, strategies, and skills you learn in Expert Secrets into your online business faster and easier.


So, discover all items below to prepare for upsells

  • Order Bump #1: Expert Secrets Audiobook – $37
  • Order bump #2: Expert Secrets Live Event Videos – $97
  • One Time Offer #1: Funnel University – $197
  • One Time Offer #2: Funnel Accelerator Action Pack – $297
  • One Time Offer #3: Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit – $197

The Funnel Accelerator Action Pack includes:

  • The One Funnel Away Challenge training
  • Funnelology Masterclass
  • The Secrets Trilogy box set – Upgrade version of the funnel hacker black box with exclusive Unlock Secrets book

Is Expert Secrets a Scam?

Expert Secrets is certainly not a scam.

Readers must first consider the credibility of the author. Brunson co-founded ClickFunnels, which has created a large number of extraordinarily successful sales funnels.

Brunson has built ClickFunnels, a marketing funnel platform, for more than 15 years and has generated over $250 million in sales, on top of his other online ventures.

It is worth buying the book just based on his skills and industry experience.

Having read DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets, I was very eager to read the third book in the trilogy.

This was a beautiful end to the Secrets trilogy, which I read in one sitting.

Are you a beginner who’s just getting started? Or do you want to learn how to start, grow and run a successful business?

Would you like to learn how to scale your existing business beyond your wildest dreams? Are you able to make even more of a difference in the world?

With Expert Secrets you’ll find actionable directions for how to share your message with the correct people, build a loyal community the right way, and make money while changing the world.


Expert Secrets Review FAQ

  • What are Expert Secrets?

You need Expert Secrets if you want to convert your expertise into monetizable products and appealing offers.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

Affordability is a strength of Expert Secrets. Buying Expert Secrets from the main site in the U.S. will only cost you $7.95 for shipping.

It is still possible to get the offer if you live outside of the United States, but shipping will cost you $19.95.

  • Where Can I Buy It?

To buy Expert Secrets, go to the original Experts Secret website and order the book. That’s the most convenient (and cheapest) way. All you have to pay is shipping.

  • Is Expert Secrets Part of a Trilogy?

The answer is yes! As explained in Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets review, this is the second of three books in his series. Dotcom Secrets and Traffic Secrets are the other two.

It is not strictly true that they are a trilogy of books because each stands alone.

Expert Secrets can be read first, then DotCom Secrets, and you’ll still succeed if you don’t get to Traffic Secrets.

  • Are there any upsells or order bumps?

You’ll have to sit through a series of upsells and offers before you receive the free copy, as I mentioned previously. You sound like this is going to be a huge inconvenience.

However, it is also valuable information. You’re getting hints about products that you should check out. You should expect to see upsells when checking out.

  • The Funnel Hacker Black Box
  • Storytelling Secrets
  • The Audiobook and Bonus offers
  • Access to the Expert Revolution System
  • Special discount to Funnel Builder Secrets and 12 months of ClickFunnels Platinum

Expert Secrets vs Dotcom Secrets


When it comes to online marketing, there are two books that always come up: Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Both of these books are written by Russell Brunson, one of the most well-known names in the industry.

So, which one should you read?

Dotcom Secrets is geared more towards beginners. It covers the basics of online marketing and provides a step-by-step guide to creating a successful online business. Dotcom Secrets is focused on helping you build a successful online business.

It covers topics such as finding your niche, creating compelling content, and driving traffic to your website. If you’re just getting started in online marketing, Dotcom Secrets is a great place to start.

Expert Secrets, on the other hand, is geared towards people who already have some experience with online marketing. It covers advanced strategies and tactics that can help you take your business to the next level.

It focuses on topics such as creating a high-converting sales Funnel and building a tribe of loyal followers. If you’re looking to take your online business to the next level, Expert Secrets is worth checking out.

If you’re already familiar with the basics of online marketing, this is a great book to check out.

So, which book should you read? If you’re new to online marketing, Dotcom Secrets is a great place to start. If you already have some experience with online marketing, Expert Secrets is a great book to check out.

What Makes Expert Secrets Different From DotCom Secrets & Traffic Secrets?

DotCom Secrets, Russell Brunson’s first book in the trilogy, was a major hit when it was originally published in 2015. A later publication, Expert Secrets, shed more light on how to start a business from scratch.

Despite sharing some similarities, the scope of the books differs. DotCom Secrets is a definitive guide on how to start a successful online business.

It is important to determine the target demographic, create useful offers to attract them, and educate and inspire them to purchase your product.

Expert Secrets not only applies to online businesses, but also to brick-and-mortar businesses.

This is a broad topic. It introduces a new business model called Expert Business, which utilizes specialized skill sets to make an impact and money.

In Expert Secrets, you’ll find smart advice for growing businesses as well as for new ones.

Using ClickFunnels (which is optional, but makes things easier) to create great information products is essential to growing your existing business.

The third and final book of Russell’s trilogy is Traffic Secrets (due out in 2020), which is the playbook for filling your funnels with your dream customers (or, as its title suggests, getting tons of traffic).

Read my review of Russell Brunson’s new book Traffic Secrets if you’re interested to know more.

Expert Secrets Vs Dotcom Secrets Vs Traffic Secrets: The Difference?

  • Dotcom Secrets book helps marketers to build their sales funnels online – the key to the initial growth of Russell’s company
  • Expert Secrets book helps marketers master the air of converting leads, helping people to move through your sales funnels and become your customers.
  • Traffic Secrets book helps marketers learn the evergreen strategies to drive consistent traffic to their funnels.

Each book covers a different topic and is written as a stand-alone. However, mastering the skills from all those books is essential to help you build a successful business and for the long-term growth of your company.

Expert Secrets PDF Free Download

Because it would be illegal and violate Russell Brunson’s restrictions, the Expert Secrets book pdf download is not accessible for free. You must invest a few dollars to purchase the book from Amazon Kindle or another website like Hudson Book Sellers or NOOK if you want to read it.

The expert secrets pdf can be found on websites that illegitimately distribute copyrighted content. However, because it is illegal, I do not advise using this method.


The other thing is most of them provide the old version of Expert Secrets. This means if you read from these sites, it does not bring any value to you.

Expert Secrets Review – Conclusion

This has been repeated many times, but I will continue to do so. For any entrepreneur, this is a must-read book. It has actionable steps in every section, so it is also a must-implement.

A playbook, not a novel.

This is a great offer – you get a 355-page hardcover book, “Expert Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Converting Your Online Visitors Into Lifelong Customers” for free, plus you only have to pay to ship. The book retails for $24.95, so this is an amazing deal.

The book is packed with valuable information on how to convert online visitors into lifelong customers. The offer is limited, so claim your free copy now before they’re all gone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!


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