Dotcom Secrets Review: Everything You Need To Know in 2022

Are you looking for Dotcom Secrets Review by Russell Brunson? Is DotCom Secrets a Scam? Can this book really teach you how to get more sales? How to grow your business? Do you want to generate leads and grow your online business? You will find all the answers in this comprehensive review.

There are many experts who teach online marketing on Google, and Youtube but most of them are scams. So you might be wondering if Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets is yet another scam.

I have a great passion for making money online and helping people make money online just like me. So over the years, I’ve reviewed many similar business shows or books like Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets.

I know Russell from his 2 books Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

Dotcom Secrets is one of my favorite business books. To fully understand it, you may have to read it several times. I’ve been reading the book reading it for a long time, so I can tell you everything and share its best strategies.

Let go!!!


Dotcom Secrets Review – Overview


  • Product Name: Dotcom Secrets Book
  • Website
  • Price: FREE + $9.95 US or $19.95 International for Shipping
  • Creator: Russell Brunson
  • Overall Rank: 9.8/10
  • DotCom Secrets Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam.
  • Who is it For: Newbie to Expert in Online Marketing
  • Bonuses: Total Value: $359.95



Why Do You Need to Read My Dotcom Secrets Book Review?


With the development of the internet and 4.0 technology. More and more websites are being created. As courses and software increase blogging and reviews, it’s no surprise that more and more people are using it as a platform for product reviews and tutorials on how to use them.

However, they are all built for the common purpose of convincing you to buy something in exchange for money from affiliate marketing sites or selling their products.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed this.

For me, facing the choice of whether to buy it or not. I usually like to read reviews from people with real-life experience before making my decision!

The Dotcom Secrets Book was written by Russell Brunson at 58,000 words in the first edition, then DELETED about 30,000 words (that’s half the book!), and it was completed with about 94,000 words and republished in 2020.

It can be said that it is like a brand new book.

Read Dotcom Secrets Review from me which means you will get the latest update of the book.

I hope you will like it!!!

What is Dotcom Secrets Book?


Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Book to Grow Your Company Online with a Sales Funnel is the first book in the Secret Trilogy.

It was written by Russell Brunson and published in 2015 (first edition). The goal of this book is to teach you to expand your business with sales funnels by showing how internet marketing works.

Over the past decade, we’ve run tens of thousands of split tests to find out which funnels work for almost any situation you can dream up.

Over the past decade, the Author has run tens of thousands of split tests to find out which funnels work for almost any situation you can dream up. It is perfectly suited for your goal of generating leads or selling your products or services.

For the past six or seven years, DotCom Secrets has been known as the bible of online marketing. This is the same strategy his company, Clickfunnel, used to go from ZERO to a $100 million dollar company and hit #76 on the INC 500 list. On top of that, according to Forbes, Clickfunnels has also:

  • #7 Fastest-Growing Software Company
  • #10 Highest Gross Revenues In The Top 100
  • ​#1 Fastest Growing Software Company With Gross Revenue Over $50 Million Dollar.

The best thing is that the book is very easy to read, even up to 393 pages in the 2020 update (254 pages in the old version). The book uses simple words and lots of scribbles to illustrate each concept, so you don’t need a marketing school graduate or experience to understand it.

Several significant milestones have been accomplished since the book was published:

This first edition went on to sell more than 205,381 copies, and helped countless others to quickly grow their companies online with sales funnels!

In the past few years, over 789 people have won one of our “Two Comma Club” awards (for making over 7 figures inside one of their funnels):

56 have won the “Two Comma Club X” award (for grossing over 8 figures inside one of their funnels):

And 11 others have won one of our “Two Comma Club C” awards as they approach over 9 figures in sales!

All by applying the secrets, they discovered inside of the DotCom Secrets Book.


Who Is Russell Brunson?


Russell Brunson is an expert in internet marketing. Over the past 15 years, he’s created his first online business by selling a DVD that teaches people how to make a “potato gun”.

He has a great passion for brochures and learned a lot from those sessions. Russell sells everything from shakes and supplements to coaching, books, advice, coupons, t-shirts, technology services, and software. (ex: ZipBrander – a viral marketing tool created in 2003)

Russell Brunson is the CEO & Co-Founder of a software company called Clickfunnels (or its parent company, Etison LLC), which launched in October 2014 and has grown to $100,000,000 in 3 years. first year. Currently, ClickFunnels has 100,000+ active entrepreneurs.

I wrote an in-depth ClickFunnels Review, so I won’t go into the features and benefits here.

Russell Brunson is the author of 3 best-selling books, including:

There are also 2 books: Network Marketing Secrets: Best MLM Book & Unlock The Secrets.

He’s also the highest-paid speaker who hit $3 million in sales at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference within 90 minutes of his presentation.

Watch a free replay of the presentation here:

As of 2022, Russell Brunson’s total Net Worth exceeds $40 million.

DotCom Secrets Review: An In-Depth Look Inside

Inside the DotCom Secrets Book, you’ll be sharing all 28 secrets of today’s most essential topics to get you funneled and help grow your online business. It includes:

  • The value ladder
  • Hook, Story, Offer
  • The seven phases of a funnel
  • How to create follow-up funnels
  • Funnel stacking
  • Funnel audibles
  • and a whole bunch more.

Those are the basics of how to successfully use your own sales funnel to take your business to the next level. The Dotcom Secret is divided into four sections.

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

Russell begins the first season of DotCom Secrets with “Ladders and Funnels”. He also reveals five marketing secrets. See below.


Secret #1: The Secret Formula

First, you need to have a complete understanding of where you want to do business. How does this understanding help your clients and customers?

This will help you better serve them – instead of trying to figure out their pain points, how desperate they are for a solution, and what they’re willing to pay.

In the secret recipe, 4 simple questions are asked in step-by-step order in the DotCom Secrets book:

  • Who is your dream customer?
  • How do you find them?
  • How do you use bait to attract them?
  • What benefits will they get from your business?

You will find the answers to these questions and more in the first secret.

Secret #2: The Value Ladder


Value is key to building a sustainable business. If there is no value, do not create value for customers, they will leave you.

That’s why Russell has invested so much time and money in analyzing the steps you need to follow to navigate your dream client from “bait” (the starting point of the ladder). yours) to where they want to go.

This secret is called “getting them up your value ladder”.

When you successfully structure the value ladder, you not only save time but also make more money by providing your customers with the best solutions for them. They will love you for this.

Secret #3: From A Ladder To A Funnel

The magic takes place in this hidden place. It’s like having a revelation that alters everything you previously believed to be true about building a successful company. You’ll begin by creating your own sales funnel and learning the psychology of a successful funnel.

It is more than just the thing you’re selling or how much it costs. There is much more…

A comprehensive value ladder must be in place. It resembles your foolproof strategy for generating sales automatically. If you don’t have a well-thought-out value adder in place, you might not be able to create a sales funnel that converts well.

The sales funnel is crucial and has altered how business owners and entrepreneurs approach internet sales.

It functions because it considers the customer’s behavior and guides them through the various rungs of your value ladder until they are willing to buy your product.

Secret #4: How To Find Your Dream Customers


You have a target market, a marketing niche. Unfortunately, you may not know where to start, business strategies, and tricks. That’s why knowing how to define your target market is so important.

This tip outlines where your target market (i.e. customers who are ready to buy your product) is spending most of their time online. Discover tricks to redirect their attention to your sales funnel. This is gold!

You’ll be armed with strategies that work to get customers to leave whatever they’re doing and view your page.

Every online trader needs to learn and master these strategies. Russell makes it easy in DotCom Secrets.

Secret #5: The Three Types Of Traffic

Generating traffic to a landing page or website is an ongoing struggle for most people. It is the hardest part of running a successful online business.

How does traffic work in the online marketing space? Importance of traffic for online marketing? If you’re not confident in your traffic-generating expertise, Russell has the answer.

He shows you the best type of traffic you should be looking for and how it can transform your business. Traffic types include:

  • Traffic we control
  • The traffic we don’t control
  • Traffic we own

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

In this Section, Russell dives deeper into the processes involved in building an audience by leveraging more advanced personal branding tactics, the secrets of which to communicate well with your audience will be: lead to sales.

Secret #6: The Attractive Character

Do you know the secret to building a confident and attractive character?

Why do you think the likes of Jim Edwards, Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and of course, Russell Brunson have huge followings?

Read Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards & Russell Brunson

As a business owner, you can’t go wrong when you’ve finally established a compelling character. When you’re successful, that means you can add more qualified customers to your email list and launch a successful product that people are ready to buy right away.

In creating that compelling character, Russell Brunson identified three components you must test, divided into three (3) categories:

  • The Elements
  • The Identity
  • Storylines

DotCom’s Secrets shows you how to create a compelling character using these ingredients and their elements, and determines how best to communicate your compelling stories to attract sales.

Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence


This “secret” is a holdover from Dotcom Secrets’ first chapter. It all revolves around developing a connection and a rapport with the target market through a traffic source we control for the attractive character. Email.

The Soap Opera Sequence is a collection of email exchanges that are designed to instantly engage and build a relationship with the recipient. Russell attributes the idea for the Soap Opera Email Sequence to Andre Chaperon, the author of Autoresponder Madness.

Out of kindness, Russell additionally divulges the EXACT five email templates that have assisted in his transformation into a desirable character and internet marketer.

Because it capitalizes on providing value to your customers, the soap opera sequence is effective. They become interested in your emails as soon as they read the first one because of this “value” and an enticing open plot.

The era of dull email chains is ended. It’s time to anecdotally employ soap operas in your email messages rather than just watching them on TV.

Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence


Russell Brunson asserts that “using the Seinfeld email style is the answer to keeping your subscribers glad to hear from you every day.”

So what exactly is the Seinfeld format?

It’s an email design that gets your readers excited. It would amuse them and encourage them to buy from you.

It makes use of storytelling’s potency. However, this time you’re giving interesting stories about your life and the people and events in it that they can relate to. In any case, you should approach it strategically and deliberately.

Ideal customers should be able to follow you back to your offer. Although it may seem straightforward, this is still effective!

When sending Seinfeld emails, Russell additionally offers helpful examples and written templates to streamline the procedure.


Section Three: Funnelology

In this section, strategies and tactics for building a high-converting funnel are discussed in detail, as well as what you should really do to get your funnel working.

Russell covers the fundamentals of funnels, the stages (and stages of a sales funnel) and the types of landing pages to use, how to structure them, when and what matters.

Whether you need scripts for sales pages, squeeze pages, OTO pages, etc It’s all available here:

  1. Curiosity-Based Headline scripts
  2. “Who, What, Why, How” Script
  3. “Star, Story, Solution” Script
  4. OTO Script
  5. “Perfect Webinar” Script
  6. “Product Launch” Script
  7. “Four Question Close” Script
  8. “Setter” and “Closer” Scripts

Section #4: Funnels and Scripts

The Funnels and Scripts section is all about precise templates that you can use at any point in your Funnel Sequence. It includes both samples of how to structure your lead’s journey and the actual scripts you’ll need.

If you’re looking for an interactive copy of a mix of Funnels and Scripts, you should check out Russell Brunson’s unique, automated copying software in conjunction with Jim Edwards called Funnel Scripts.

This section of DotCom Secrets is just a starting point for testing and tweaking your sales funnel. But now you can understand why the book The DotCom Secret is a must-have on your bookshelf.

Front-End Funnels

There are three specific kinds of funnels you can use to “onboard” leads. That’s what the front-end funnel is all about. These include:

1. Two-Step — Free Plus Shipping
2. Self-Liquidating Offer
3. Continuity

Middle Funnels

Funnels featured in DotCom Secrets that are for the middle of the customer journey include:

1. Perfect Webinar
2. Invisible Perfect Webinar
3. Product Launch

Backend Funnel

And, finally, the “backend” of the funnel is for potential customers (or people) who are already very familiar with your personal brand and offers. As far as product or service perception is concerned, they are at their prime for offering the most expensive yet high-value offer.

Ideally, as DotCom Secrets shows you, your potential customers will experience all of these funnels in due course.

That means they’ll be a loyal subscriber and move up your brand awareness path, moving from a three-legged chain (front-end funnel) to a high-value purchase (side-funnel). support) when the trust factor kicks in!

Section 5: ClickFunnels

This last section is brief but you can learn more by reading my ClickFunnels review.

Dotcom Secrets Pricing

The Dotcom Secrets Book is actually free; you only pay $9.95 US or $19.95 International for shipping/handling. This is a great example of a free plus delivery offer that Russell Brunson teaches in his book.

If you’re interested in buying DotCom Secrets from Amazon, you can purchase the paperback format for $14.80. That’s your choice.

I highly recommend buying the author’s books so you can get them cheap; Alternatively, you can buy the audiobook on the add-on site (it’s not available anywhere) and get his $359.95 bonus.

DotCom Secrets Free Book

Thanks to Russell for offering the book free from his website (you just pay for shipping).

DotCom Secrets Upsell Options

It’s quite easy to DotCom Secrets for free as I mentioned.

But it does come with some optional upsells. Let’s go over it, so you know what to expect.

This is The DotCom Secrets Funnel Upsells:

  • Order Bump #1: You get The Black Box
  • Order Bump #2: You get the 3 Funnel Bundle
  • One Time Offer #1: You gain access to the Audio Books + Bonuses
  • One Time Offer #2: Instant access to the Traffic Secrets Course
  • Thank You Page: You gain access to the Funnel Builder Secrets (special discount to get 12 months of ClickFunnels Platinum, which is the highest plan available, and includes everything Russell and ClickFunnels have to offer, like Actionetics/Follow Up Funnels, Backpack affiliate program, FunnelFlix and much more).

If you’re not ready for any of the upsells, you can ignore them and simply just get the free copy of the DotCom Secrets book, which is still really valuable on its own.

Dotcom Secrets Bonuses

1. The 3 Core Funnels Book Pdf ($47.00 Value)


After spending nearly 21 years online, I found that the majority of internet businesses consistently rely on just 3 fundamental funnels to be prosperous and successful.

It makes no difference if you’re just getting started, have no clients and no sales, or if you’re an established company trying to expand and grow.

When combined with the correct offer, the 3 funnels I’m about to discuss with you can help you generate more leads and close more sales than you ever thought possible.

2. 108 Split Test Winners Ebook ($47 value)


“Simple Tweaks You Can Add To Your Websites and Funnels To Increase Conversions Up To 1,219% Or More!”

Having a funnel is great, but if you’re not split, test your funnel, page element, design…you’re either losing money.

Russell Brunson is a big fan of testing, and this book is a result after he split tests A/B 108 variables inside his funnel. It includes:

  • The Evolution of an Offer
  • Conversion Tests
  • Backend Tests
  • Traffic Tests
  • Trial Closes: Two Tiny Words Increased Dollars Per Lead

Your optins and revenues can be significantly affected by a single split test.  It can have a HUGE impact on your entire business.

Any internet firm can use each and every one of these tests.

And the best part about doing these split tests on your page, funnel, advertisement, or text is that the possibilities for results are endless!

3. Network Marketing Secrets e-Book ($47 value)


“How To Use Sales Funnels To Grow Your Network Marketing Team…”

The BIG problems in Network Marketing are:

  1. Sell products
  2. Create a downline and train your team

Most people start MLM by introducing products or opportunities to their family or friends, impacting the relationship. Watch the video below to discover how to succeed in Network Marketing with an MLM sales funnel.

Inside this free book, you’ll learn about the 3 ‘LOST’ Funnels that run 99.9% of ALL successful network marketing companies.

This ebook will show you how to use funnels to get people who are SO SUPER INTERESTED in what you’re selling, they will actually raise their hands and ASK you to sign them up!

NOTE: If you’re not into network marketing, you can skip this bonus.

Learn more: Network Marketing Secrets book review: Best MLM Book?

4. Funnel Audibles ($97 Value)


People always wonder: “What happens if I build a funnel, and it FLOPS?” Don’t worry (Most people do the first time…)! 

At last year’s Funnel Hacking Live, I gave a special workshop called Funnel Audibles. It shows you a simple process to take ANY funnel that’s broken, and turn it from a ‘zero’ to a ‘HERO’!

5. Workbook 30-Day DotCom Secrets Challenge! ($97 Value)


“Learn How To Apply The Principles Of DotCom Secrets During The 30-Day DotCom Secrets Challenge!”

After you read the DotCom Secrets book, the first question most people have is: “Where should I start!?!” The answer is the 30-Day DotCom Secrets Challenge!

This challenge is a kickstart to get you moving forward quickly. It will give you a day-by-day roadmap to follow to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

  • Day #1 What should we do?
  • Day #2 What should we do?
  • Day #30 What should we do?

Dotcom Secrets PDF Download

I know a few people who are searching “Dotcom Secrets PDF Download” on Google looking for a pdf version or FREE content. Maybe they can’t wait to know what’s inside the book.

However, the truth is that Clickfunnels does not provide any e-book or pdf version. They only have the Kindle version on Amazon.

So most marketers are using “clickbait”, When people visit their website, they write a review like me or advertise something else. The good news is that the Dotcom Secrets pdf book is still available; some people give it FREE. I don’t know how they got it, but you can download it for FREE.

And here’s the bad news.

I tried downloading the PDF on google it is only 190 pages and just an old version of the book and lacks a lot of content, strategy, and tactics inside. It is outdated and useless.

Now, you have two options:

  • Try to find something as cheap as possible with more risk.
  • Or invest a few dollars today ($9.95) and it could change your business forever

We’re not talking about a thousand dollars; we talk about $9.95. If you don’t like the book, they’ll refund you $9.95 in shipping and still let you keep the book. Is it fair enough?

Is the Book Worth Reading?

You are certainly wrong in thinking of DotCom Secrets as a mere new addition to the plethora of Internet marketing guides already available. This dot-com secrets book is loaded with valuable information that Russell and his team have gathered over the course of his 10+ years of a successfulInternet marketing career.

This book is one of a handful of guides that offer readers practical advice from the very first chapter they can implement in their business to make improvements that they once believed would be impossible to achieve.

This book consists of strategies that have proven their worth in a real-world scenario and have already helped hundreds or even thousands of other Internet marketers to achieve sustainable results from their existing business(es).

As you go through the chapters and start implementing steps tedious but easy to understand, you will notice how they will completely revolutionize the way you operate your business.

The whole point of doing business at the end of the day is to give customers more value. The good news is that the growth strategies offered by DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson will always work because they have stood the test of time. Business growth is one of the marketing activities that many try, but fail at.

The book offers tried and tested growth formula tactics to implement. It does well to bear in mind the importance of having a solid value base to offer your customers without which it is impossible to grow any business. 

As it takes some time to learn the tricks of the trade, it is a good idea to take the advice of an expert guide who has a proven track record of growing successful Online Businesses.

It offers a digital conversion strategy that shows you the right way to carry out A/B testing and how to create landing pages etc.

It is totally worth reading.

Who Should Read Dotcom Secrets Book?

No matter your business type, as an online marketer if you want to generate your leads, build a highly qualified list, and increase conversion and sales online, you should read the book. Dotcom Secrets works in different types of business:

  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local Small Business
  • Info Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Network Marketing
  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • Agency/Freelancer
  • Blogging/Affiliate
  • And more

Expert Secrets vs Dotcom Secrets


Certainly, there are some differences between Russell Brunson’s two bestsellers, Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Both books are relevant to lifestyle entrepreneurs, business owners, and online marketers – as they complement each other and provide for starting and growing a successful business.

DotCom Secrets outlines the step-by-step process for effectively structuring your business. You have to learn how to get your message across and convey value in a way that makes people want to pay you.

It covers the SAME funnel-building principles and strategies he used to take ClickFunnels from zero to a valuation of almost $1 billion in just 5 years.

Expert Secrets offers helpful examples, illustrations, and stories to help you find your voice, build a loyal fan base, and get paid to share messages that will change your life. change the lives of others. Make it possible for you to convert more visitors into buyers and help those you are called to serve…

These are the same scenarios and strategies that Russell uses (and I use) inside each of his funnels and presentations…

Both books are recommended for business owners who want to become more successful in their industry. Entrepreneurs are built to see opportunity in competition instead of pain.

And finally, Russell’s third and brand new book in a trilogy called Traffic Secrets, which helps fill your web pages and funnels with your dream customers (or aka getting tons of traffic as the book title suggests).

You’ll get the same traffic recipe, script, and blueprint he shares with Inner Circle students, ClickFunnels Collective, and two Comma Club members.

Pros and Cons


• The best book for reference guide

• East to read, understand and implement the techniques

• Teaches a way to optimize your profits to beat out the competition

• The techniques to make money from funnels

• Learn the entire sales process from beginning to end


• A few upselling of click funnels software

• It takes time to master the strategies and implement the funnels properly

• Need to be ready to step outside of your comfort zone


If you are serious about starting an online business, your business growth at the moment, or just learning about the importance of the funnel and sales strategies for living, then this book is 100% worth it for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, If you want to get rich with a real business, then you should pick up this book for valuable information.

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